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Success From Home
Servant leadership, mentorship and paying it forward  come together for greatness.
SFH: Michael the team at Success From Home Magazine are so excited to be able to speak with you today. 
M: Thank you. I am truly honored and excited as well.
SFH: Michael you have been in the industry of Network marketing for almost 9 years but most of your financial success has come in the last three. What happened to drive that success?
M: Great question. When I got into Network Marketing in spring of 2011 I was newly divorced after 21 years with my ex. The last 8.5 years of the marriage my ex had suffered a brain tumor. She is doing well now but it was a significant fight to get her healthy. My son was just three months old and my daughter 3 years old when there mom was diagnosed. I had a graphic design practice and over the next 8.5 years opened and closed that business nearly 4 times. I really had to be focused on her health and raising my kids. I have always been an entrepreneur but in a consultant practice if I was not billing I was not earning. When I was presented with the knowledge of how to build business based on residual income I was very open.
SFH: Wow that is a lot to take one. Glad to hear your childrens’ mother is doing well now. What happened next?
M: When I was introduced to the opportunity it was from a friend who had also never been in the industry before. But the company had amazing products and training so I plugged into their system. What I found out was that this business is not so much dependent on being able to present the product to prospects but about developing yourself to the highest level first. People buy based on trust and if you are not confident in yourself and are committed to servant leadership you will not have much success. That was my problem. I had come through a really dark time and was not the person I needed to be to have success. I took many years to work on me and find my new center and Dharma. One course I took was called the MKMMA, A mastermind that develops the subconscious to manifest greatness. It was a major turning point in my personal growth. After that everything just started manifesting and the law of attraction was in full force. There are two additional things that are so important to my ongoing success. One is servant leadership and the other is paying it forward always.
SFH: Those are two amazing concepts. Many of the most successful have mentioned them as well. Please share if you will your perspective on them. 
M: Sure. I have always humbly served others since I was a child. I just did not know I was practicing servant leadership. I believe that we should always enrich the lives of others around us to create a more just and caring world. If you do this while staying true to your own goals and purpose there will be endless opportunity and reward. You see you get what you give. To give in the greatest way is to pay if forward always with out expectation of return. But life balances and you will find miracles come your way from the most interesting places. I hope that many of your listeners and readers will take those concepts to heart. If they do I now they will have unlimited success.
SFH: Those are humble words and a great philosophy to live life by. You are now a top one percent income earner in the entire industry of Network marketing so they have served you well.
M: Yes, thank you. Earning six figures a month now is such a wonderful blessing. I am able to build a legacy for my children and have funded my own foundation to help others in need. I feel it is important to pay if forward as others have done for me when I was struggling and in need.
SFH: Thank you Michael that is great insight and I know our followers of SFH will take it and do great things. We wish you continued success. 

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Architecture Minnesota.
Prairie architecture meets the waters edge. National known architect Mark Kawell collaborates to transform vision into a home filled with energy, sunlight and peace.

AM: Michael thank you very much for welcoming Architecture Minnesota into your home. With the parade of homes starting next month we know this is a busy time for you executing all the finishing touches on this amazing home before it opens to the public.
M: You are most welcome.  This is an exciting time now that the home is done. I am honored to have you here to photograph and write about this wonderful architectural statement designed by Mark Kawell. Being able to share this home with the public for a few weeks is pure pleasure for me. I hope it inspires others to use an architect like Mark. He is so easy to work and collaborate with. I actually met mark many years ago when another of his homes was on the Parade.
AM: Wow then things have really come full circle. Michael was was your vision for this home.
M: Great question. As a child I grew up in a neighborhood where the home my family built as one of the first ones done. I remember playing in every house that was built exploring foundations and then trying to figure out what each room would be as the stick build began. It made a big impact on me I knew that one day I would design and build my own home. In college I studied Landscape Architecture with collaborated with the architecture department as well. I began to learn about different architects and styles. When I was introduced to Prairie style architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright I fell in love. The organic nature of the style. They way the design was responsive to the environment really connected with me. I have always felt a connection between nature and the home. I wanted to live in a home that made those connections on all levels. Light, water, structure all interconnecting. I feel it has really been achieved here.


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