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MKMMA week 17hj. Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!


So I am learning that as I progress through the MKMMA process each week is developing its own dynamic. Sometimes I am inspired early in the week to write other times I a don”t revive enlightenment till much later. I was not sure how to approach the topic of Hero’s Journey this week and last night  BOOM! I had the opportunity to meet a living hero. The great Rudy Ruettiger. Daniel Eugene “Rudy” Ruettiger is a motivational speaker who played college football at the University of Notre Dame. His early life and career at Notre Dame was the inspiration for the 1993 film Rudy. I am sure many of you have seen it and know the story of his persistence. I had the privilege of meeting him and hearing him speak last night in a intimate setting of about 80 people. After his talk which mirrored many of MKMMA principles I had the privilege of sitting down with him for a few minutes and even got to exchange email address and now have a living hero in my network.

But let’s looks at that last sentence. When we address the HERO we assume they have to famous or a celebrity of some type. That they have become a legend before they can be titled hero. But in reality we are all heroes each and every day. So you see my contact file is full of  everyday heroes.


I spoke with a friend this evening who has fought off PTSD. They are a living hero. My son trying new tricks at the skateboard park is a hero. My daughter who’s dance team won first place in their invitational on Saturday, The massage therapist who relieved my back pain today was a hero. Heroism is deciding to act in spite of others opinions or attitudes. It is having the courage to chase your purpose and jump into the abyss. It’s about being an underdog and making the hard choice and living it into greatness. We are challenged this week to make the choice to jump further into the unknown, They Abyss. It is not an easy choice to make. But heroes would not be heroes if the journey was easy. Remember the choices we make are what we become. Do your best each day and forget the rest. Lead with character and commitment. The universe will make you a winner if you show up and put forth your best effort everyday. Let’s go MKMMA alliance. We have a destiny to attain. WE GOT THIS. Heroes one and all.
Here is a song by Country Artist Chris Hawkey. called Underdog. The words are great. enjoy

Chris Hawkey UNDERDOG

First string got hit in practice Didn’t land quite right.
Second string couldn’t make the grades to play that Friday night. So the kid they said was way to small to even make the team was starting in the biggest game the school had ever seen. His hands were cold as the huddle broke and he called the final play. He dropped back and threw that pass that won the game. Little number 8.

Sometimes the underdog comes through. Sometimes the longest shot beats the odds. Sometimes it ain’t the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog. Sometimes the one we counted out rises up in the moment of truth. Sometimes the underdog comes through.

After years of trying, her luck was turning round. She finally saw that beating heart right there on ultra sound. But when she got sick the doctor said “he didn’t have a choice.” They’d have to operate or she could lose her baby boy. He’d be too small, not breath at all, probably live a couple of days, but just last week she heard him speak on that high school stage Graduation day.

Sometimes the underdog comes through. Sometimes the longest shot beats the odds. Sometimes it ain’t the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog. Sometimes the one we counted out rises up in the moment of truth. Sometimes the underdog comes through.

I could have heard them when they said “my dreams were crazy.” I could have heard them when they told me to “move on.” But if I had listened you would have never heard this song. Sometimes the underdog comes through.

Sometimes the longest shot beats the odds. Sometimes it ain’t the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog. Sometimes the one we counted out rises up in the moment of truth. Sometimes the underdog comes through.



MKMMA week 17. The Power of sharing


I had a wonderful couple of events happen this week because I took time to share the experience I am having with the MKMMA. A few posts ago I mentioned that I had shared my positivity with the salon girls who cut my hair. I put them all on the 7 day mental diet and suggested substituting the affirmation I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious, happy, loving, confident, giving and prosperous to replace the negative thought. I just stopped in for a trim this past week and the moment I walked in the girls all started to smile and come running over to me all talking at once about what has been happening. One of the girls had taken the affirmation I had written, photo copied it and then cut into heart shapes and taped them to all the mirrors at the hair cutting stations. They are sharing the affirmation with all their clients and talking about having no negative thoughts. WOW. I was blown away. They are all so happy and grateful. I love them all and they make me happy now that their lives are blossoming into positivity. They even call one another out in a loving way if they hear negativity. I know they all will take time to learn more about how  MKMMA is changing lives. 🙂


On Thursday I was with a friend of mine who had to stop into a local hospital for an appointment before we went on to other things. I was waiting for him to return in the cafeteria. As I was reading a book two young women came in and sat at the table next to me. I could not help but to over hear their conversation. They were focused on nutrition and working hard to help their patients with individualized diets hoping their health would come back. One of the women was frustrated because she wanted to offer more because she new that the mind is the source for making amazing change. Well I could not hold my self back and lovingly interjected myself into their conversation and introduced a few of the concepts I have been learning and how they have helped me and others. How there is science behind these learnings and the conversation became amazing and they both mentioned that this was what they have both been looking for. We exchanged contact information and I linked them to the MKMMA. We hare going to chat again next week about more of what the MKMMA is doing. Love sharing all of this. It is such a great way to help others. Thanks Mark and Devine for staying true to your Dharma and taking this course to the world. The more you give the more you get. This week I got smiles, happiness and that wonderful feeling of knowing you have changed a life in a positive way. WAHOO!!!

MKMMA week 16. My mind is bouncing


So what an interesting last couple of weeks it has been. The holiday break, The car accident. Moving and not having a place to live yet so I am living at a gracious friends home till I am able to find a permanent place. Living out of bins and boxes with most of my world in storage is so nomadic and unsettled. I am being approached with New business opportunities, Some of which are in line with my DMP and others that are interesting but may not align with my current DMP. This is making my mind bounce bounce BOUNCE between the new MKMMA learnings and skills screaming to me about my positive future ahead, and my yet un-cleansed subby which is knocking me about like a UFC title fight.


I am being so distracted by these events that I am not getting the same feeling with the readings, sits and exercises I was getting prior to the break.

I would love to know if any one else is experiencing this. ( oh wait my favorite jazz song just started playing at the coffee shop I am sitting in. Take Five by Dave Brubeck.  So I am taking a moment to recognize it and be happy and joyful for that is part of my DMP!) Ok back to task. I am frustrated with myself. I so want this course to propel me forward. I believe in what is happening here.

Not sure how to define this event that happened this week. I was invited to a local spiritual center who is currently doing a 10 week course on the book the Science of the Mind by Earnest Holmes. I sat in on Wednesday evenings class. I must say the MKMMA is so incredibly thorough and detailed compared to what I saw on Wednesday night. I was happy to see the greater good the course is doing for those in attendance but The MKMMA is light years ahead of them. I actually felt I could teach the ten week course and take the students to an another level of greatness. So not sure how this falls into the manifestations we are experiencing or the law of attraction but it did affirm for me that I made a great choice in this course and being part of the Alliance. Please let me know how your current mind set is and how you are feeling now that we are almost in week three of 2017 in regards to your action plans to achieve your DMP.

Best to you all. Love you all. Remember you are whole perfect strong powerful harmonious loving happy confident giving and prosperous.


MKMMA week 15. The Road Not Taken

I have been reflecting on my life of 54 years and the many many blessings the have come to me.  As well I have been reflecting on many of the deep dark holes I have fallen in and climbed out of to find the light again. I am reminded of a poem I received framed from my sixth grade teacher Ms. Gadient. (yes I had a big crush on her). “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. I still have this  poem in its frame. I think she recognized in me before I even knew myself that I was cut from a different cloth, I thought differently, broader, more visionary, I questioned the status quo and demanded more of myself to accomplish more, achieve more and not be satisfied to sit idle and let the world pass me by. I have lived much of my life pushing boundaries and dealing with the consequences both good and bad. One thing that I am enjoying most with the MKMMA course is that I am once again on the road less taken. But as I stay the course I know I will have many new adventures and achieve new accomplishments but all will be based on my dharma. What a great way to travel. Knowing that I have made the different but better choice. The choice that reflects your true self.

Tonight I had dinner with a friend who has become a confidant and someone I have added to my personal board of directors. He knows my journey and what I have had to come through. At dinner he declared that this is my year for greatness. That all that has come before has laid the path for me to achieve and become whole again in all things. I will add that as my fabulous moment of the day on my 3 x 5 note card. Here is the poem. I am grateful for all my fellow MKMMA peeps who have also chosen the road less followed. Cheers to us all.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

MKMMA week 14. Crash Bang Boom

11:20 am christmas eve morning 2016  a car blew their stop sign, encroached though on-coming traffic and t-boned me as I moved through the intersection. Angels where watching over me and the other drivers that morning as we were all able to walk away from the crash. My beloved Audi A6 4.2 Quattro on the other hand is a total loss. I have to say German auto engineering is amazing. I was  injured in the crash but not to the level I could have been in a lesser car. The other driver walked away as well. She was 16 and a new driver. As we spoke to one another after the crash I kept scroll two in my head, I kept negativity out and stayed positive in this very difficult situation. A felt bad as the other driver broke down when she called her dad from the scene. I spoke to her dad and let him know that while it was her fault in the crash his daughter was uninjured. All I could think of was my own daughter who is 17 and what an awful call it would be to hear of an injury from a crash especially at christmas.  So the greatest christmas gift this year was my ability to walk away from the accident and live another day.

I have been using my affirmation about 100 times a day. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious, loving, happy, confident, giving and prosperous. New routine will be daily visits to the chiropractor for the foreseeable future to repair my neck, back and spine. I am not taking ownership of these injuries as my body is whole, perfect, strong and powerful. I am taking the view point that the care I am receiving are new methods to produce on going better healthy me.

I will say It was a bit humbling to look at your own MRI and X-ray Scans. It pulled hard memories for me of all the MRIs we did for my ex wife to get her through her brain tumor.  I was scared of what I might see in my own body. I was reminded of the fragility of life. While there is some damage to my body damage that will heal, I am happy to report that I have a full skeleton a brain, lungs and a even a heart. I learned some of the more technical terms for the connections of the brain to our body through our nervous system. Of course we all ready knew about that from the MKMMA!!. So I will be happy today. I will be loving today and in spite of the negative circumstance I know there will be positive outcomes. Please take time today to hug and love your spouse, partner, kids, friends and special people in your life for tomorrow is unknown.

MKMMA week 13. Using what we know


How MKMMA teachings got me through a tough day

This week I wanted to share how the MKMMA program has helped me. On Monday of this past week I needed to take care of a ticket that I got a year and half a go. You see what I thought was just a warning ticket for not having my insurance info with me actually was a real ticket. OOPS. Because I have had to move a lot in the last few years I keep a PO box as my permanent address. Well it seems the state does not send notices to a PO box. So I did not ever get any notifications that I had a ticket that had been unpaid. In order to clear this up I had to go in to the DMV pay a fine, Retake the drivers written test and then wait for up to 48 hours for my license to go active once I completed the previous steps. In the mean time my driving privilege had been suspended. Which I did not know. UHG… So to say the least I was stressed out over this whole ordeal. So how did MKMMA help? Well. I understand that is is completely my fault. I created the situation. No one else. So I first accepted accountability. Second I immediately forgave myself and told myself that I love me!!. Things happen in life and this past 6 years has been quite a journey. Next event though my tummy and my old subby was screaming for stress and negative thought addiction I kept saying the affirmation of I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious, loved and happy. I then began visioning myself at the DMV using scroll two. Telling everyone in my mind that I love them. If there is a place that needs to feel love it is a  DMV office. I got the test questions and read all the material and kept preparing. My mind wanted to play out negative scenarios of what would happen if I did not pass that test. But I kept those thoughts out. I did not want to even Manifest any thing around those thoughts.

It was test day. So I gathered myself together. Got all the things I needed to show the DMV and headed out to the Department of Motor Vehicles office. When I walked in I put the biggest smile on my face I possible could. I held my head high and confident. I greeted the service counter with a friendly and complimentarily manner using the 4 promises. I then got my number and waited. I kept saying my affirmation and saying I love you to all in my head. At the next station I greeted the person again in a friendly loving and complimentary manner. I tried to find a way to improve there day in just the minute or two that I had as interaction. You get what you give. I got the test and PASSED with 100%. Wahoo. At the next station I had to pay the fine etc. I had to great another person and did so in the same manner. I quickly built a professional and loving connection. And when I did not have the one paper work I needed instead of sending me home to get it. The counter person took steps to work around it and get me what I needed to move ahead. WOW. At the final station I needed to meet with the person who examines your insurance and then releases your suspension. I again used complimentary, positive and friendly loving greetings and conversation starters. The gentleman took great care of me and instantly released my license. He said that I was a positive in his day and he just took care of things for me so I did not have to wait. WOW WOW WOW. I was feeling so good when I left. I want to be that positive person who walks in the room and brings all i meet up a notch. This experience taught me that I can WIN. I persist and I win. I succeed. THANKA MKMMA.


A short story on paying it forward.

I was in line to get a coffee at the local coffee shop. the woman ahead of me had ordered her coffee and then decided to buy a bag of coffee beans for a gift. When you bought the beans that day you got a free coffee. I had smiled when I saw her in line. said I love you in my mind and was complimentary on her scarf. When she got the free coffee she looked at me as said. You know I just got my coffee would you like my free one. I have been taught to be a grateful receiver so I said yes and thank you. Because I did not need to buy a coffee now I decided to buy a bag of beans and donate it to the troops for a promotion they were running. This gave me a free beverage now. So I turned in line and offered my free one to the next person who also accepted. It was a really cool chain of events. I am sure that the kindness spread in in its own way from there. Merry Christmas everyone and keep paying it forward. Be grateful, be loving and always be blessed. Love you all. God Bless.


MKMMA week 12. Fifty Minutes in the Mirror


Man looking at reflection in mirror


I was not able to be on the Webinar Sunday. I watched the replay as soon as it was out. Last night I wrote out 250 cards. Really enjoyed that exercise. Nice to think about all the great things I have done in life versus the things I have not. This evening I just finished my 50 minutes in the mirror. I must say I was looking at myself kind of funny as I got started. Just looking at myself for that long. I found myself noticing wrinkles and bags under my eyes. That I looked tired and like someone who has become well seasoned by life. At age 54 I have lived a lot of life. I think about all the amazing things I have accomplished. Grateful to have done so many things. I know so many people that are stuck in their comfort box and have never really reached out to experience life.

As part of my Billboard card I state the “I use servant leadership to transform 3000 or more lives to greatness.” During the exercise I felt the need to explore what some of those lives look like and are accomplishing. Felt good to know I can plant seeds and lead others to move their lives in a new direction. Legacy is one of PPNs and I know now that part of my legacy is to change lives to greatness and it will come true.

I had to rework my billboard statement twice during the 50 minutes. Needed to put clarity in the words. I changed the order of some of the lines to give greater emphasis to how I am manifesting it. I began story telling to myself. “I am on stage now. 20,000 people in the audience are cheering for me. Music is playing. My name is announced and the crowd roars. I also began exploring out loud how autonomy and legacy were manifesting in my daily life. Feeling the experience. Then wrapping it back into the billboard statement and saying out loud again. I did have some periods of self doubt. But I demanded of myself not to allow that to happen. I jumped directly into I am whole, strong, perfect. powerful, loving, harmonious, happy, confident, giving and prosperous. That helped a lot. I gave myself mini pep talks. This will be an exercise i will break down into smaller time increments and do daily. I am so grateful for this process and MKMMA.

As a follow up to last weeks blog I am adding a list of 35 movies I have put together that revolve around the theme of Persistence. With the holidays coming I am hoping to have time to watch a few. Let me know what others you would add to this list.

1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
2. Rocky (1976)
3. 127 Hours (2010)
4. Into The Wild (2007)
5. Schindler’s List (1993)
6. It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)
7. Freedom Writers (2007)
8. Amelie (2001)
9. The World’s Fastest Indian (2005)
10. Forrest Gump (1994)
11. The Green Mile (1999)
12. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
13. A Beautiful Mind (2001)
14. Life of Pi (2012)
15. The Pianist (2002)
16. Rush (2013)
17. Life is Beautiful (1997)
18. 12 Angry Men (1957)
19. The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005)
20. The Blind Side (2009)
21. The Aviator
22. To kill a Mockingbird. (1962)
23. Dear Zachary: A letter to a sone about his father ( 2008)
24. Braveheart ( 1995)
25. Breaking Away. (1979)
26. Pay it Forward
27. Remember The Titans
28. Chariots of Fire.
29. Dead Poets Society.
30. The Peaceful Warrior.
31. October Sky.
32. Gandhi
33. 42 jackie Robinson story
34. Slumdog  Millionaire.
35. Seven Pounds