MKMMA week 22A. Dreams from silence

As I sat in silence one of the big things that came to me was the creation of new dreams list. I have posted it below.
I also have had to recognize my fears and self doubts. I know that I love to mentor, guide, coach, create, teach and lead others to greatness. I will be adjusting my DMP to fit those ideals. I also will revisit my core values for life and add those into my updated DMP.
This has been a blessed journey. Dream on. Live them daily.

Dreams List.

1. Attend and launch a lantern at a lantern festival in Thailand
2. Dive for buried treasure and find actual treasure
3. Buy a metal detector and have fun finding things
4. Visit and travel across all of Asia
5. Tour Vietnam with my friend Pascale Dang
6. Hunt for Red Stag in New Zealand
7. Own nice hunting guns again and teach my kids to hunt
8. Teach my kids to fish
9. Own a “Fleet of Fun”, cars purchased through Wayne Carini
10. Build a music/reading room for St. David’s
11. Build a tree-house for St. David’s
12. Design and build my own home using Mark Kawell as Architect
13. Own a Chris Craft boat.
14. Be able to boat when ever and where ever I want with my kids and friends
15. Have fresh flowers in my home each week
16. Find True love and feel unconditional love.
17. Tandem sky dive
18. Zip line in Costa Rica
19. Travel to Nepal
20. Travel to Peru
21. Travel to Patagonia
22. Travel to Chile
23. Travel to Brazil
24. Travel to Bora Bora
25. Travel to Maldives.
26. Travel to Ukraine and buy art.
27. Visit some of the great Gardens of the world
28. Visit Russia with my friend Genevive and get a russian fur hat
29. Visit Vancouver and stay a suite in the old Fairmont hotel
30. Play a round of golf below 80.
31. Restore and ride my old racing bicycle
32. Ride a bobsled in Austria
33. Fly first class on a regular basis
34. Swim in the infinity pool on top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore
35. Drive over 100 mph on the Autobahn in a Maserati or Audi
36. Go helicopter skiing in Banff Canada
37. Learn to surf
38. Visit all 50 states of the USA Three left to complete this. CA, OR and Alaska.
39. Visit every continent in the world
40. Own wonderful original art that inspires me
41. Have my own creative studio/workshop that I can unleash my creativity in
42. Watch the fire works from Hong Kong harbor aboard a yacht
43. Be able to pay for my children’s college.
44. Be able to purchase a car for each of my kids
45. Bring value to a person’s life each day.
46. Be able to buy everyone at a crowded bar a round of drinks
47. Host a free spectacular dinner for all those that have helped when I have needed it.
48. Have my children in my life full time
49. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro and reach the summit
50. Swim with whales and be photographed with them
51. Visit Lipari, Italy, the home island of the Natoli Family
52. Have a lineage expert research my family line
53. Ride an elephant in Thailand
54. Ride a camel at the pyramids in Egypt.
55. Be able to travel each weekend to U.S destinations just to visit friends
56. Take my kids on many vacations around the globe. Including an all inclusive in Mexico and Bottle school trip in Guatemala
57. Work with a personal trainer to get in the best shape of my life.
58. Do the 90 day P90X program
59. Get a restored Vespa p200e again for fun around town
60. Learn to play Spanish guitar
61. Own a baby grand piano
62. Own another Audi
63. Drive a Semi for fun
64. Drive a dump truck for fun
65. Drive a bobcat for fun
66. Build a residual income stream of $50,000 a month
67. Be able to train and motivate others nationally from stage
68. Live life with the philosophy of What if, why not, Let’s go!
69. Learn what healthy eating is and enjoy it each day
70. Ride in a hot air balloon
71. Go on safari in Africa
72. Ride in a submarine
73. Learn to do a flip off the diving board
74. Do an iron cross on the gymnastic rings
75. Be able to treat people to amazing vacations
76. Own hunting land in Southern MN for deer and turkey
77. White water raft some of the great rivers in the USA.
78. Be able to pay for my kids weddings.
79. Ride in a fighter jet and go faster than Mach one
80. Ride roller coasters all across the USA.
81. Live to age 120.
82. Write a children’s book
83. Enjoy a week on a yacht in Monte Carlo or south of France
84. Spend some time in a float chamber
85. Host an all out Christmas for my kids with amazing food and presents.
86. Give presents to kids who have none.
87. Create a foundation for my kids that they have to decide who gets the interest income each year.
88. Have an amazing wardrobe and great shoes
89. Have one on one adventures with my kids at least twice a year
90. Get a massage each week
91. Get pedicures at least once a month
92. Paint some of the abstract ideas the role around in my head.
93. Work with a hypnotist or subconscious therapist to erase all the negative crap I carry around in my head.
94. Re-connect with three old friends. Julieta Gonzalez. Jill ann Tarara and Yvonne Hickey (Goff)
95. Buy a dog for my son.
96. Teach my kids how to mow the lawn. Iron a shirt and shine there own shoes.
97. Skinny dip with my girlfriend.
98. $50,000 in a emergency fund,
99. Make my tree swing invention a reality
100. Build a new website for my creative services
101. Have new business cards. Creative and vacation biz.
102. Inspirational FB page for the Sunshine Nation. #Globaljoy
103. Attend a Packers game at Lambeau field.
104. Attend the Masters at Augusta National and actually lay and roll down a fairway.
105. Take Amanda and Evan on a ski vacation to Big Mt. in Whitefish, Montana
106. Earn $150,000 per residual income per year from investments


8 thoughts on “MKMMA week 22A. Dreams from silence

  1. armellemasterkey

    Your dreams list is amazing ! And it gives me the idea to update mine. Thanks ! It also reminds me that the last time I did my dreams list, it was the most amazing year of my life ! I wish you the same !

    If you want I can also help you with 57 and 93 as I’m doing Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP : neuro linguistic programming, DNR : deep neural repatterning and coaching.

    I’m sending you good vibes for the réalisation of all these dreams !

    Liked by 1 person

      1. armellemasterkey

        I’m an expert in coaching and In Brief therapy ( NLP, DNR and Ericksonian Hypnosis). I’m a practitioner master on Hypnosis in France and I will receive the American certification as a Hypnotherapist from national guild of Hypnotists in a few days.
        My 2 facebook : Armelle Gros and armellemkmma2016
        Have a wonderful day


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