MKMMA week 21 Miracles Everywhere!

As Einstein stated. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I have chosen the later and am taking time each day to put all things into the miracle mode. Here are a few of the major ones from my past and recent on I live each day.


Car accident miracle…
On a return trip to college, after thanksgiving break, I was riding in the front passenger seat of my friends car. It was snowing just enough to cover the roads and make the lines and shoulder of the road disappear. The car drifted to the right on a slick spot and the tires hit that little lip of pavement between the road an the gravel shoulder. My friend turned the steering wheel to get the car back onto the road we unfortunately began to spin. Time stopped and then moved in slow motion. I saw a semi truck approaching us in the opposing lane and it appeared like we were going to spin right in front of that truck and get hit and killed. But somehow the timing was just right and the truck passed us as we spun and crossed over the opposing lane behind the semi. But low and behold there was another semi truck right behind the first. Well miraculously we did a 360 degree spin behind the first truck and just in front of the the second semi. We continued to spin across that lane and came to a halt in a corn field. Wow how did that happen was all I could really think. We should have been dead. As we caught our breath and stepped out of the car to assess the damage we were amazed, there was NO danamge! Just a couple of corn stalks stuck to bumper. And to continue the miracle the field was frozen solid and we could drive on it. And just next to where we came to a stop was an access road to the field. We drove out of the corn and back onto the road and made our way back to college. Just one amazing happening after another. MIRACLES!

Ski racing Miracle…
As a collegiate level downhill ski racer, going fast through a gated course was a regular occurrence. I was a downhill and GS racing specialist. I loved to go fast and always be on the edge of being out of control. In order to achieve those speeds the skis at the time needed to be very long. My ski length was always 205 cm or longer. As I am 5 foot 7 inches tall and those where very long skies in relation to my height and required skill and strength to manage. One winter Saturday I was competing in a downhill race in northern Minnesota. I was very proud of my 9th place finish against some of the great USA jr and olympic hopefuls. After the race I still had my 210cm downhill skies on with bindings that do not release at high speeds, let alone low speeds. I decided to test my skills and push these extra long skies through a tight slalom course. Well this was not a very bright idea but I was feeling invincible. While negotiating the course I caught the tip of my ski on a gate and launched myself out of the course and into adjoining woods that ran parallel. I rolled, did a flip and came to an abrupt stop smashing my head face first into a tree. Of course helmets where not worn in those days. I could have been killed or suffered a TBI but I was miracioulsy taken care of. I got up and skied down the slope. It took a while to get my wits back. But I was being watched over. MIRACLE!


Brain tumor Miracle…
I have mentioned a bit of this story before in a prior blog post, but my ex-wife had a brain tumor at the base of her brain for the last 8.5 years of our marriage. Non cancerous.(miracle) But it was the size of an egg and the location of the tumor was considered in-operable by many, too dangerous to attempt by others, and the option of not removing it could lead to huge neurological side effects. We managed her daily seizures through medicines as we kept searching for a year to find a solution. (PERSISTENCE). Our nationwide search lead us to an amazign surgeon. A surgeon who was not only one of three in the world qualified to do this kind of tumor resection, but he actually taught the other two. Through a series of miraculous connections we got to the front of the line and flew to Little Rock, AK to meet the him. Dr. Yasargil was voted neurosurgeon of the century in three countries, mapped the brain for 22 years before operating on anyone and wrote the book on what is now called vascular neurosurgery. He also invented most of the tools used in neurosurgery today. WOW! We were miraculously put in the right hands. After two major surgeries one in 2006 and another in 2009 she was declared tumor free. Miracle! While it changed her as a person and she walked away from 21 years together, she is able to work and function and most importantly still be able to be a parent to our two children. MIRACLES everywhere.

Finally The green house Miracle…
I work for my friends families greenhouse. They are a wholesaler and grow annual flower bedding plants from seed to what is called a plug. Basically a plant that is about 1 inch tall. It is then sold to other nurseries and greenhouses across the USA where they grow it until you buy it to plant in your gardens or as a hanging basket or potted plant. I was taking some time to think about miracles and then it hit me, I work in a miracle factory! We produce about 50 million plants annually. That is a lot of miracles that sprout from the seeds we sow. I try to take the metaphor into mind and remember that I am planting seeds every day into my subconscious and they will grow just as the plants do to brighten and enlighten my life and those I interact with. Miracles are truly all around us, and I am grateful for the ones that are in my life.


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