MKMMA week 19 The foundation of trust is love.


Last month I received a new years letter from a from a friend. I had not had time to read it until recently. As I read it I was blown away as I saw the power of the principles of MKMMA in action. Using love and servant leadership to pay it forward always. These are principles I believe in. This letter reveals the significant journey of enlightenment and a glimpse into some individual lives. I am reprinting this letter below. I have changed the names but the rest of the letter remains the same. I hope you find it as powerful as I did. Take time to R2A2 this letter. So many examples of the scrolls and MKMMA principles in action and of course the 7 Natural Laws. Enjoy.


” January 2017, Dear family and friends.

I used to think love was a feeling. this year I discovered it’s not. Love is an energy that opens the mind and the heart to a pure light, the raw material from which the entire universe is built.

I figured this out when I was a asked to help a friend-of-a-friend with his sales skills. He had moved from a business where he was successfully making cold-call sales of online ads to one with a much longer sales cycle. Selling large software solutions to much bigger businesses. He was struggling to make his commission targets and asked if I could introduce him to my friends who might need his companies product. Little did I know I would be sucked into a daily email re-writing program for him to understand that he needed to be genuinely and truly helpful to people and not just jam them with a sale on the way to a sales target.

My own mentor spent years teaching me that a true salesman is one who has a servant’s heart and provides something people find improves their lives. It was time for me to pass along those lessons I had learned. The eager protege was open-minded enough that I thought I had a good chance of succeeding. I quickly volunteered to become his mentor when I saw he was actually deploying what I had told him, trying to improve each day. He had real hunger. I liked that.

After seeing my men-tee struggle to find his own voice. I realized he was just copying a script and unable to connect with any of the CEOs that I introduced him to. Rather than continue to burn my short list of contacts, he needed a more radical lesson in life. after all, he was only a couple years out of university. I needed him to understand his heart was more essential than his brain, He wasn’t going to sell $100,000 piece of software by being more clever. He had to listen to the needs of his potential customers and translate those words into a meaningful dialog about how he could make their lives easer with the product his company made. I need to work face-to- face to tell him gently that he had no heart for what he was doing. So I invited him to spend some time together at my home in Mississippi.

There I discovered he had been severely hurt in the past and as result had completely shut off his feelings to protect himself, not something I have found to be terribly uncommon for so many talented young people coming from broken families. In my view most of the baby boomers generation has been focused on their own happiness at the expense of everyone else, including their own children. Not to mention their own obsession with their own wealth and failure to be better materially than their parents… Like so many people I have mentored this young man needed to know his compassion was the only route to true success, not only in business but also in life. I wanted to show him how to lead with his heart by sharing my experience of selling carrier-opportunities to the highest level executives in finance, a skill I honed over more than 25 years of listening.

I told him about my life and critical junctures of learning I had been through: attending an elite hight school, mother dying my senior year, trekking through the Himalaya in Nepal, working for the Wall Street Journal in Asia during one of the most dynamic decades of change in history (rise of and fall of democracy across Asia and the collapse of the Soviet Union), career conversion to executive search, marriage, children, building and selling two companies, divorce, the credit crisis, colleague betrayal, business collapse and rebuild, travel across every continent on the globe, etc. I spared no detail and let him see that being vulnerable was essential to establishing trust and rapport quickly… in essence, proving to him that the foundation of trust is love.

He listened so intently and returned to work with a new lens, a filter based on being genuine. As expected, the voice in emails changed; the approach to his potential customers became genuine. And boom, he made his first connection and began down a road that has made him on of the most successful salesman in the company. Others noticed and his friends began to ask for the same mentoring. Before I knew it I had become a “business guru.” He asked me to help a colleague. So I did and that person asked to help a friend of his. On it went, each needing something unique; each striving to succeed. One by one they would come to the house in Mississippi for and encounter with “Deepak me.” But as I knew would happen, the student would ultimately teach the teacher.

Our trips to Mississippi ended up with a connection that created, in his words, “an unstoppable energy.” We began to explore the nature of the human “condition” of loves and hates, of ups and downs, of right and wrong, of consciousness, of ways to talk to others and ways to listen… and that if the foundation of trust is love, the foundation of love is respect. We studied everything quickly through the internet and learned how essential our bodies’ centers of energies were to understanding problem-solving consciousness, the balance between mind, heart and soul. What started out as a lesson in leading with the heart to improve sales skills ended up being and ah-ha moment of profound universal awakening.

Buddha once said spiritual enlightenment is a state of being where you experience, and know, on an on-going basis an ultimate sense of peace, meaning and bliss. Your perception of yourself and the universe connects to the ultimate reality in a very real and present way that is permanent and unbreakable. Our introspection got so intense that one evening in Mississippi filled with music and meditation I shared an epiphany with my two men-tees I had not before known; An energy of white light passed between us the I think about every day, a calmness of certainty the pure, unconditional love for humanity creatures a light of real energy that can be transmitted. It’s not that we fell into love but that the joy of our rising success exposed a compassion that allowed us to understand what it meant to was in someone else’s shoes and be truly compassionate. All our worry and fear fell aside.

According to Hindu scriptures, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first is that you stop worrying. Things dont bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicity. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous.

I left that weekend in February a changed man. My own approach to business changed. I now only listened, I heard and responded with compassion and compersion. Others people joy was my joy. I focused on what worked in life and let go of what didn’t For the first time in my life, I led with my heart in the most complete and miraculous fashion. It changed everything in my life, and the money began to pour over me. I had a record year professionally and have never had so much fun as I am having. I connect with one of my closest friend to become the best combination of fun and money. He and I traveled the world and I am proud to be showing him a path to his own success. My grandson taught me how to love even more unconditionally. My sons taught me how to guide and direct with less force, and my daughter-in-law taught me how to lead by example.

I know what love really is. It is unbridled energy of positivity and joy and that “unstoppable energy” is contagious to everyone and everything around you. With love at the center of life, anything is possible and I want to prove it every day to anyone who will listen.

With this energy we have started a a series of family companies dedicated to serving others, My youngest son is leading the way with his new thoroughbred fund. He expects to raise $40 million in his first round and return 24% a year. My eldest son is a chef in Seattle and spends all of his effort serving up the most delectable food. My daughter-in-law is working to launch a fashion business, and my grandson shows us every day what a wonder it really is to be naked in the world.

My own life-coach asked how I would honor my newfound sense of enlightenment and suggested that every day I look at a flower and take the time to to see its immense glory and beauty. Have you ever really stared at a rose. It contains all of the universe in the energy it creates by just being a rose. Carl Jung once said, “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

Here is wishing you all the love in the world; that you also find inner peace and joy in your daily life and that you act with compassion and not just observe. Peace be yours.


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