MKMMA week 17. The Power of sharing


I had a wonderful couple of events happen this week because I took time to share the experience I am having with the MKMMA. A few posts ago I mentioned that I had shared my positivity with the salon girls who cut my hair. I put them all on the 7 day mental diet and suggested substituting the affirmation I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious, happy, loving, confident, giving and prosperous to replace the negative thought. I just stopped in for a trim this past week and the moment I walked in the girls all started to smile and come running over to me all talking at once about what has been happening. One of the girls had taken the affirmation I had written, photo copied it and then cut into heart shapes and taped them to all the mirrors at the hair cutting stations. They are sharing the affirmation with all their clients and talking about having no negative thoughts. WOW. I was blown away. They are all so happy and grateful. I love them all and they make me happy now that their lives are blossoming into positivity. They even call one another out in a loving way if they hear negativity. I know they all will take time to learn more about how  MKMMA is changing lives. 🙂


On Thursday I was with a friend of mine who had to stop into a local hospital for an appointment before we went on to other things. I was waiting for him to return in the cafeteria. As I was reading a book two young women came in and sat at the table next to me. I could not help but to over hear their conversation. They were focused on nutrition and working hard to help their patients with individualized diets hoping their health would come back. One of the women was frustrated because she wanted to offer more because she new that the mind is the source for making amazing change. Well I could not hold my self back and lovingly interjected myself into their conversation and introduced a few of the concepts I have been learning and how they have helped me and others. How there is science behind these learnings and the conversation became amazing and they both mentioned that this was what they have both been looking for. We exchanged contact information and I linked them to the MKMMA. We hare going to chat again next week about more of what the MKMMA is doing. Love sharing all of this. It is such a great way to help others. Thanks Mark and Devine for staying true to your Dharma and taking this course to the world. The more you give the more you get. This week I got smiles, happiness and that wonderful feeling of knowing you have changed a life in a positive way. WAHOO!!!


9 thoughts on “MKMMA week 17. The Power of sharing

  1. cellularsavvy

    Spread the word my friend … everyone in the world is hungry to discover who their higher self who their future self is and what an incredibly wonderful place this planet will be when that is actualized! Here’s to the oracle at Delphi ” Know Thyself!”

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  2. lisapmasterkey

    I love the idea of putting those ten very special words in a heart. I have mine posted in various places. Looks like it is time to change things up and start putting hearts all over the place. Thanks for a great idea!!

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