MKMMA week 16. My mind is bouncing


So what an interesting last couple of weeks it has been. The holiday break, The car accident. Moving and not having a place to live yet so I am living at a gracious friends home till I am able to find a permanent place. Living out of bins and boxes with most of my world in storage is so nomadic and unsettled. I am being approached with New business opportunities, Some of which are in line with my DMP and others that are interesting but may not align with my current DMP. This is making my mind bounce bounce BOUNCE between the new MKMMA learnings and skills screaming to me about my positive future ahead, and my yet un-cleansed subby which is knocking me about like a UFC title fight.


I am being so distracted by these events that I am not getting the same feeling with the readings, sits and exercises I was getting prior to the break.

I would love to know if any one else is experiencing this. ( oh wait my favorite jazz song just started playing at the coffee shop I am sitting in. Take Five by Dave Brubeck.  So I am taking a moment to recognize it and be happy and joyful for that is part of my DMP!) Ok back to task. I am frustrated with myself. I so want this course to propel me forward. I believe in what is happening here.

Not sure how to define this event that happened this week. I was invited to a local spiritual center who is currently doing a 10 week course on the book the Science of the Mind by Earnest Holmes. I sat in on Wednesday evenings class. I must say the MKMMA is so incredibly thorough and detailed compared to what I saw on Wednesday night. I was happy to see the greater good the course is doing for those in attendance but The MKMMA is light years ahead of them. I actually felt I could teach the ten week course and take the students to an another level of greatness. So not sure how this falls into the manifestations we are experiencing or the law of attraction but it did affirm for me that I made a great choice in this course and being part of the Alliance. Please let me know how your current mind set is and how you are feeling now that we are almost in week three of 2017 in regards to your action plans to achieve your DMP.

Best to you all. Love you all. Remember you are whole perfect strong powerful harmonious loving happy confident giving and prosperous.



11 thoughts on “MKMMA week 16. My mind is bouncing

  1. masterkeyjag

    Not that I’m glad about your week , but if your posted this and then said oh well and I’ll just write the week off ..Then I’d be concerned..But your fighting it and that will make you Better …trial will come’s what we do when they do …Way 2 Go

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  2. innateescapes

    I don’t think any of us experience things in the same way, but I can understand the intuitive struggle you are going through. When we get off-center, we know it and don’t have a clear road map to get back to what we know. In a sense we feel cut off from — something, something that seems valuable. You have a strong and vibrant connection with that and you will find your way back. You aren’t lost, you are just distracted and pre-occupied with the changes that are going on — and who wouldn’t be! My advice, as far as it goes: do the exercises, try and find the groove and stay observant to how many things are are trying to pull you in the direction you really want to go.


  3. lindasue88

    It sounds like some logs are coming unjammed & you’re on the verge of MOVEMENT. I’m enjoying remembering to find my 3 gratitudes for yesterday when I wake up. It helps me set a tone I prefer for the new day.


  4. aknovo01

    Dear Traveling Michael thank you for sharing!!! I also found myself living out of boxes and not having a permanent home for a while and it’s, well, unsettling. But all that feeling of uncomfortable and out of sorts is simply because change is stressful. And even good stress is stress. If you want to change your old life for a new one, there will have to be that period where everything is up in the air, so it can settle back down into something you cherish because you created it intentionally. You are on a true Heros journey! You are no turning back going for it and that is awesome! You are whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy!

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  5. lisapmasterkey

    Thank you for your honesty Michael. I too feel that our MKMMA training is light years ahead of the norm that is currently out there. Everyone that I have told about our amazing class is just blown away by the things that we are so fortunate enough to be able to experience each week. All of us that complete this course are the exception not the norm. Remember always that we are all unique creatures of nature, rare and valuable. I look forward to your blog next week!!

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  6. masterkeymiske

    Hi Michael, Your post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I am going through the same thing. A new opportunity was brought to me and I committed to it a few weeks ago. It has nothing to do with my DMP and it not even in network marketing. However, I see that this opportunity is going to make it possible for part of my DMP to come true sooner than my previous course. I realize that I am going to have to change my DMP or go crazy every time I read it. The good news is that I really feel like I have chosen a great path to reach my journey and am really invigorated by it. I really appreciate your blogs, Michael. Good luck with your journey and finding a new home. Peace be the journey


  7. josette millar

    Michael, in some ways I can relate to your process. Over the holidays, I had a terrible time and I consciously ground my teeth to go through it. It was incredibly difficult. And so unsettling. But I went through it and on the other side, there was a gift of awareness that awaited me. Of course, I couldn’t see it, but it was one of these changes that can happen in life that makes you reconsider your full life. All the best to you and your process. Remember that Mike J. told us that on January 29th we would be happier than ever! 🙂

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