MKMMA week 13. Using what we know


How MKMMA teachings got me through a tough day

This week I wanted to share how the MKMMA program has helped me. On Monday of this past week I needed to take care of a ticket that I got a year and half a go. You see what I thought was just a warning ticket for not having my insurance info with me actually was a real ticket. OOPS. Because I have had to move a lot in the last few years I keep a PO box as my permanent address. Well it seems the state does not send notices to a PO box. So I did not ever get any notifications that I had a ticket that had been unpaid. In order to clear this up I had to go in to the DMV pay a fine, Retake the drivers written test and then wait for up to 48 hours for my license to go active once I completed the previous steps. In the mean time my driving privilege had been suspended. Which I did not know. UHG… So to say the least I was stressed out over this whole ordeal. So how did MKMMA help? Well. I understand that is is completely my fault. I created the situation. No one else. So I first accepted accountability. Second I immediately forgave myself and told myself that I love me!!. Things happen in life and this past 6 years has been quite a journey. Next event though my tummy and my old subby was screaming for stress and negative thought addiction I kept saying the affirmation of I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious, loved and happy. I then began visioning myself at the DMV using scroll two. Telling everyone in my mind that I love them. If there is a place that needs to feel love it is a  DMV office. I got the test questions and read all the material and kept preparing. My mind wanted to play out negative scenarios of what would happen if I did not pass that test. But I kept those thoughts out. I did not want to even Manifest any thing around those thoughts.

It was test day. So I gathered myself together. Got all the things I needed to show the DMV and headed out to the Department of Motor Vehicles office. When I walked in I put the biggest smile on my face I possible could. I held my head high and confident. I greeted the service counter with a friendly and complimentarily manner using the 4 promises. I then got my number and waited. I kept saying my affirmation and saying I love you to all in my head. At the next station I greeted the person again in a friendly loving and complimentary manner. I tried to find a way to improve there day in just the minute or two that I had as interaction. You get what you give. I got the test and PASSED with 100%. Wahoo. At the next station I had to pay the fine etc. I had to great another person and did so in the same manner. I quickly built a professional and loving connection. And when I did not have the one paper work I needed instead of sending me home to get it. The counter person took steps to work around it and get me what I needed to move ahead. WOW. At the final station I needed to meet with the person who examines your insurance and then releases your suspension. I again used complimentary, positive and friendly loving greetings and conversation starters. The gentleman took great care of me and instantly released my license. He said that I was a positive in his day and he just took care of things for me so I did not have to wait. WOW WOW WOW. I was feeling so good when I left. I want to be that positive person who walks in the room and brings all i meet up a notch. This experience taught me that I can WIN. I persist and I win. I succeed. THANKA MKMMA.


A short story on paying it forward.

I was in line to get a coffee at the local coffee shop. the woman ahead of me had ordered her coffee and then decided to buy a bag of coffee beans for a gift. When you bought the beans that day you got a free coffee. I had smiled when I saw her in line. said I love you in my mind and was complimentary on her scarf. When she got the free coffee she looked at me as said. You know I just got my coffee would you like my free one. I have been taught to be a grateful receiver so I said yes and thank you. Because I did not need to buy a coffee now I decided to buy a bag of beans and donate it to the troops for a promotion they were running. This gave me a free beverage now. So I turned in line and offered my free one to the next person who also accepted. It was a really cool chain of events. I am sure that the kindness spread in in its own way from there. Merry Christmas everyone and keep paying it forward. Be grateful, be loving and always be blessed. Love you all. God Bless.



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