MKMMA week 12. Fifty Minutes in the Mirror


Man looking at reflection in mirror


I was not able to be on the Webinar Sunday. I watched the replay as soon as it was out. Last night I wrote out 250 cards. Really enjoyed that exercise. Nice to think about all the great things I have done in life versus the things I have not. This evening I just finished my 50 minutes in the mirror. I must say I was looking at myself kind of funny as I got started. Just looking at myself for that long. I found myself noticing wrinkles and bags under my eyes. That I looked tired and like someone who has become well seasoned by life. At age 54 I have lived a lot of life. I think about all the amazing things I have accomplished. Grateful to have done so many things. I know so many people that are stuck in their comfort box and have never really reached out to experience life.

As part of my Billboard card I state the “I use servant leadership to transform 3000 or more lives to greatness.” During the exercise I felt the need to explore what some of those lives look like and are accomplishing. Felt good to know I can plant seeds and lead others to move their lives in a new direction. Legacy is one of PPNs and I know now that part of my legacy is to change lives to greatness and it will come true.

I had to rework my billboard statement twice during the 50 minutes. Needed to put clarity in the words. I changed the order of some of the lines to give greater emphasis to how I am manifesting it. I began story telling to myself. “I am on stage now. 20,000 people in the audience are cheering for me. Music is playing. My name is announced and the crowd roars. I also began exploring out loud how autonomy and legacy were manifesting in my daily life. Feeling the experience. Then wrapping it back into the billboard statement and saying out loud again. I did have some periods of self doubt. But I demanded of myself not to allow that to happen. I jumped directly into I am whole, strong, perfect. powerful, loving, harmonious, happy, confident, giving and prosperous. That helped a lot. I gave myself mini pep talks. This will be an exercise i will break down into smaller time increments and do daily. I am so grateful for this process and MKMMA.

As a follow up to last weeks blog I am adding a list of 35 movies I have put together that revolve around the theme of Persistence. With the holidays coming I am hoping to have time to watch a few. Let me know what others you would add to this list.

1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
2. Rocky (1976)
3. 127 Hours (2010)
4. Into The Wild (2007)
5. Schindler’s List (1993)
6. It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)
7. Freedom Writers (2007)
8. Amelie (2001)
9. The World’s Fastest Indian (2005)
10. Forrest Gump (1994)
11. The Green Mile (1999)
12. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
13. A Beautiful Mind (2001)
14. Life of Pi (2012)
15. The Pianist (2002)
16. Rush (2013)
17. Life is Beautiful (1997)
18. 12 Angry Men (1957)
19. The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005)
20. The Blind Side (2009)
21. The Aviator
22. To kill a Mockingbird. (1962)
23. Dear Zachary: A letter to a sone about his father ( 2008)
24. Braveheart ( 1995)
25. Breaking Away. (1979)
26. Pay it Forward
27. Remember The Titans
28. Chariots of Fire.
29. Dead Poets Society.
30. The Peaceful Warrior.
31. October Sky.
32. Gandhi
33. 42 jackie Robinson story
34. Slumdog  Millionaire.
35. Seven Pounds 


10 thoughts on “MKMMA week 12. Fifty Minutes in the Mirror

  1. lindasue88

    I can so relate to glimpses of doubt & such coming up. I remember when I spent a year working up a solo piano concert, & then performing it 4 times. I had plenty of feelings through the process, but I was committed. I felt the feelings & just did my work anyway. It was a pivotal process for me, a real launch pad for my life today. & You’re ready to launch, too. Put on your Nike’s & . Oh yeah, I just printed out your movie list. I’ll choose one for the holiday time. Thanks!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. masterkeyjag

    Great post and so wa the movie list , with my # 1 It’s A Wonderful Life watch it every year at Christmas …thanks



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