MKMMA week 8. The greatest gift is LOVE

So what do you say when you commit to give NO OPINIONS and go on a 7 day mental diet of NO Negative thoughts… You Say I LOVE YOU silently in your mind to all you meet. This little phrase is changing my life. I am finding that I am getting along better with people at work that I normally avoid. I am having people approach me for help and advice. I am calling them MINI MANIFESTATIONS. All coming from the work I am doing with the exercises. Reading the cards my DMP and BMP and of course the Scrolls.


This week I am reminded of a lecture I went to in college given be the Late Great Leo Buscaglia. Leo focused on giving love freely to others with out expectation. He always greeted everyone with a hug or a smile. He radiate joy. I am channeling a bit of Leo this week as I say I love you in my mind to everyone. I am consciously giving a smile and positive greeting to anyone I encounter from the coffee shop to the checkout line at the grocery story. What you give you get. The more love you give the more love you get. I LOVE THIS!!, and just in time for the holidays. For is there no greater gift than love.

I had some AH-HA moments this week with making Shape Connections. I struggled for a while with the shapes. But I have made some associations that have really helped. One of the shapes is the Yellow Square. I do not see a lot of them but then I thought well a square is like a box and presents come in boxes and those are usually given with love. So now I associate the Yellow square with love and happiness and attach all my dmp items that revolve around love and happiness to it. My blue rectangle is now tied to my PPN of Autonomy. Independence and freedom are part of Autonomy for me and there is no greater freedom and expansiveness than the blue of the sky and beautiful water. Those have opened me up to greater associations as well. I am trusting this MKMMA process and letting the experience bring me all these wonderful MINI MANIFESTATIONS. So looking forward to more. The Law of Attraction is working. Getting my shine on and radiating love to you all. Here is my DMP movie poster. I look forward to seeing others soon.



18 thoughts on “MKMMA week 8. The greatest gift is LOVE

  1. mkmmadaniel

    I’ve noticed in being the observer that there is a layering process that takes place when we get sucked into the negativity. Once we focus on the love and avoid the negativity it gets ride of such a huge huge burden… Great post… I love the pictures you have up on your Blog!

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  2. imaginemasterkey

    Thank you for sharing your breakthroughs and ideas with us. I am taking notes!! Love the quote by your professor and how your have implemented that so beautifully into your daily routine. Really appreciated your insights on the shapes also.

    Liked by 1 person


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