MKMMA week 5 Blessings


Hello and here I am in Week 5 of my journey. Three weeks ago a very dear friend of mine asked If I had some time to help him out on a project for his company. He owns a dock and lift company. They put in, take out and service boat dock systems on a very large lake here in Minneapolis. Winter is coming and it is time to get the docks out of the lake. So there is a 4 week window to get there 400 customers docks off the lake. These are significant systems as many of there customers are CEOs of companies, Sports celebrities and other highly successful people. I knew this was going to be very physical labor each day. I am 54 and in pretty great shape. But….. I am out there each day doing my best, the rest of the crew are in there 20s and still in BEAST mode. LOL. They can lift a lot of weight and carry it to shore. The days are 12 hours long with no breaks for lunch. Just have to grab a bite when you can.  I am extremity beat at the end of each day. Except I still feel great because I know I am putting forth my best.


During this time I could have negative self talk or thinking. Like “what did I get myself in to” Or “I am not good enough to keep up with these guys”. But I have chosen to look at the many Blessings I am receiving each day and the quality of work I am delivering.
• I am in nature each day out on the lake. Water is one of my happy places.
• I am working with a life long friend and enjoying the camaraderie.
• I am on the lake before dawn and get to see the sunrise each day.
• I am getting a free work out losing weight and building long unused muscle.
• I get time to chant in my head Do it now! and follow it up with I can be what I will to be.
Other things happening are I am working hard on the giving and receiving and have been observing the abundance that is starting to come my way based on living a positive, giving servant leadership life style. Here are photos I have taken in last couple of weeks. Looking forward to more growth and abundance. Radiating love to you all. Stay blessed and be grateful.




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