MKMMA week 4 – Getting my Shine on!

Have you ever met that person who seems to have a magnetic personality. They seem to radiate joy and happiness. We feel fantastic when we are around them. We want to have what they have. We want to feel as great as they seem to feel. And usually we end up feeling a greater sense of self when we hang out with them. Well i was so excited to find out how this is in our control to do for ourselves. We all have the capability to radiate positive energy and have the magnetism that attracts wonderful things into our lives. You see our THOUGHTS ARE ENERGY AND ENERGY IS POWER. That power radiates through our bodies and outward towards others because of our huge neural network running through our bodies. This neural network has a focal area called the SOLAR PLEXUS located behind our stomachs. Our core energy center. When we think great thoughts we produce great energy and the laws of attraction work in our favor.

So this might seem a little bit confusing. But I think the attached video will help. It is of a Britain’s Got Talent act. A choir that radiates such amazing energy during the audition you can barely stay in your seat. Watch how their energy instantly changes the audience and judges attitudes. Happiness and joy prevail. We all have the ability to radiate energy like this each day. SHINE ON!

Keep all thoughts amazing. Build positive emotional energy around thoughts and you will begin to radiate the power and change lives and turn on the power of attraction. Have great week everyone. ENJOY


10 thoughts on “MKMMA week 4 – Getting my Shine on!

  1. masterkeyreh

    Hey Michael, You are bang on. I loved seeing that YouTube videos several weeks ago. I watched it again via your blog. it just gets better and better. The video is a perfect addition to your blog!! Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person


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