MKMMA week 3 – Tick Tock

I am late, I am Late for a very important date… To honor myself; To fulfill my Dharma and live life on my terms in true servant leadership.


Welcome to my week three blog post. The MasterKeys Master Mind Alliance is a fantastic process and blessing in my life. I continue to be excited for its outcomes. But I must say after a life time of various forays into personal development I still get moments of doubt. But I am learning that this thinking is based on years of garbage in and garbage out. The MKMMA is really opening my eyes to the daily habits and thinking that should be taught to every junior high student. I watch as my daughter is in her senior year of high school and I  reflect on those years of angst. Big decisions are starting to be made over what life is supposed to be and what to study in college. I realize how unprepared I was and 99% of kids are to to get through that process. The MKMMA process would eliminate so much stress and worry and elevate life for all. I think I see a  future part of dharma forming around this.


This week I must admit i am bit overwhelmed at times and feel like I am getting the work done as required but not getting the full processing time in. I am spending two hours each night on the homework and ramp of new skills. After a 12 hour day of physical labor I must say it is hard to switch gears into deep thought mode. My mediation started on Tuesday night at 8:30 pm and I awoke at 1 am in the morning in the same position. WOW!. I think my body just shut me down. I need to respect that as well as keep pushing through. At age 54 there is no time left for life altering failures.


I want to share a real positive this week. I had a one hour phone conversation with my 14 year old son. (I consider this my date). That is the longest we have had a chance to speak in over 5 years. He is growing and forming his own mind, thoughts and opinions. They are certainly challenging my feedback and with such limited time with him I feel I have to get it all in at once. I keep thinking  baby steps and a new life for me is blooming.

I wanted to THANK all those who have been following by blog and leaving such great feedback and responses. It is our Alliance working in Harmony that we shall all achieve greatness through well tuned resonance. Mark and Team MKMMA thank you for all your great work and pouring into us with vigor, fervor and care. Time to do some quiet reflection. Good night all.


7 thoughts on “MKMMA week 3 – Tick Tock

  1. innateescapes

    Thoughtful comment — thanks for taking the time to offer your insights! I think, as we reduce our stresses, we get younger. Our nervous system responds better and our thinking is clearer — we are getting younger!

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  2. Suzanne Lavigne

    Another great post Michael. I think we are all struggling here and there, trying to do everything and changing as we go but it is for the greater good and a great reward in the end.

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