MKMMA Week 1: Queue-less



Have you ever had the feeling of both nervous excitement and anxiety at the same time? 

I equate it standing in line waiting to ride a huge new rollercoaster…

The ride is viewed form across the park. Excitement! A decision has been made to jump on board and tame the unruly beast. A queue forms and the migration through endless turnstiles begins. Nervous strangers chatter amongst themselves. Conversations enter consciousness and then disappear as quickly, interrupted by the clicking in the distance. Imagination runs wild. Screams break out. Gulp… ? What will the ride be like? Will I enjoy it? Hate it? Love it? Will I get sick? OH MY!

At the platform now. Division begins as all are sorted into small groups of unknown fellow riders. Some choose a car, others are randomly placed. THE FIRST CAR IS MINE!

Belted together a team has been formed. Thrill seeking riders ready to add excitement to life jerk to a start as the station falls behind. No going back now. The only way through is through. Arms rise high from the experienced while other hands grip tight to the bar. Click clack, click clack the journey begins to the to the top of the first drop. Time stops. Silence. The cars hangs at the peak. Screams are held captive in the throats soon to erupt and punctuate the silence. The thrill ride has begun. There will be twists, turns, ups, downs and loop de loops that come and go. G forces will pin you back. Steep drops lift you from your seat. But if you embrace it and let it fill your soul. A spirit of freedom will prevail.

WEEK ONE of MKMMA has now started. Queue-less I have left the station. I am joined by strangers I have not met yet from all across the globe. Belted together with my fellow thrill seekers seeking a life filled with excitement. A life filled with riches if we reach out and embrace it. Nervous yes, Anxious yes. But such is what happens when you drop into the unknown. But I am secure in the first car, ready to take the personal development ride of my life. The first drop is in front of me. The view ahead is great form this unique vantage point. It will be fleeting. I am remembering to breath. My scream is held tight. What happens next is still unknown. The ride promises to deliver greatness to us all if we stay focused, do the work each day and remember to enjoy the ride. WE are all in this together. Time to drop. See you on the other side.

I found a small bit of prose I wrote in 1990. I think it is apt that I found it and will finish with it.

As the forest awoke it began to show itself. Slowly at first, then with a building confidence. Nudged along by the gentle hands of morning breezes,  fresh from their global venture, the forest comes to life. Buds to blossoms. Seeds to saplings. Meadows to forests and streams to rivers. Life ever growing. Ever changing. Evolving as only time can let ones true self be shown. 

Michael Natoli. 1990.


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